Michelle and River on a dog walk

About Us

Michelle Harper, Owner

Throughout my life I’ve had a deep love and passion for animals, whether taking care of my own pets, bringing home strays or feeding the neighborhood cats. As a child I often dreamed of living on a farm with as many pets as I could afford to feed and as an adult I’ve always had at least a couple of dogs and a bird or a bunny.

Starting as a client and lifelong pet parent

After getting married and having our daughter, my husband and I discovered we loved to travel, but finding a good pet sitter was always the dilemma. We discovered Alpha Pet Care through a friend and there began my journey within the pet care industry.

Their in-home pet sitting was the perfect solution for us, as we not only had dogs but a bunny and two birds as well. After using their services for several months and being very impressed, I thought how wonderful it would be to walk dogs and care for a myriad of pets all day long! My ideal job.

My Journey Working With Pets Begins

I reached out to Alpha and was initially hired as an associate. I modeled my approach to caregiving after the wonderful person who took care of our pets, but also added my own personal style. I was recognized for my hard work and dedication to both pets and their parents and within a year I was promoted to General Manager.

For nearly 8 years it’s been a labor of love, I’ve had the privilege to be mentored by Alex Warner, a local trailblazer in the pet care industry. And I continue to care for all my beloved dogs and cats while also helping my team reach their full potential as caregivers.

Making the most of each day

Honestly, it’s been a dream come true. I have as many pets as I could possibly want, just at other peoples’ homes! Every day I open the door to wagging tails and smiling faces; I love being that person!

I delight in every pet, even the more difficult ones who make you work a little harder for their love and trust. I’m patient and have a heart that naturally reaches out to discover what makes each pet special and nurture those needs.

My commitment to our pet parents

For me, Little Rascals Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is not only the culmination of years doing the work I love but also the start of an amazing new adventure.

I can’t wait to meet many of you who are reading this now, my mission is to treat each of your dogs and cats as if they were our very own.


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